200 year roadworks - it's official

I am indebted to local resident Tony Price for drawing my attention to a piece in yesterday's The Register, an online running commentary on the IT industry and an old sparring partner when I worked for BT. They in turn are indebted to their reader Paul Smith for alerting drivers to ongoing and rather prolonged roadworks in Hertfordshire, albeit with "slight" impact on traffic flow.


They publish a screen grab of the ELGIN (electronic local government information network) website showing planned roadworks - you can see it here. Readers will be pleased to know that according the the ELGIN site roadworks are currently ongoing by Three Valleys Water having started on 06/12/2001 and with an estimated completion date of 10/12/2201. They advise that the impact is "slight" but "delays possible".

As The Register says, doubtless the gas board will move in as soon as Three Valleys complete and extend the roadworks for another 200 years... You could not make it up!

PS Elgin is a very handsome stone built town in the north-east of Scotland with some very fine buildings - it does not deserve to be used as an acronym for Hertfordshire road misery

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